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Oxirgi xabar

2023-09-26 20:43:50

LayerFlow revolutionizes DeFi through the introduction of single-sided liquidity provisioning, smart liquidity routing, fractional order execution, and margin liquidity. These innovations work together to mitigate impermanent loss, enhance APY, reduce slippage, and provide a seamless experience for both traders and liquidity providers.
20.3K views17:43
2023-09-22 14:12:16
Dexsport: Where Betting Meets the Future!

Get ready for a betting experience like no other with Dexsport! Our advanced Web3 platform operates on BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, OKC, Avalanche, and Arbitrum blockchains, delivering a secure and transparent betting experience that will leave you thrilled.

Explore what Dexsport brings to the table:

Lightning-fast transactions for non-stop action
Say goodbye to intermediaries and complicated registrations
Enjoy instant payouts with no player restrictions
Rely on a betting system that's safe and transparent

Join Dexsport today and be a part of the future of betting. Embrace safety, transparency, and excitement all in one place. Don't miss out – start your betting journey now!

Try it out today:
19.8K views11:12
2023-09-16 15:35:00
HyperGPT Highlights

Discover how HyperGPT is breaking boundaries in the world of artificial intelligence

Partnerships: A Collaborative Force
Listed on Exchanges: Global Reach
Products & Solutions: Shaping the Future
Community: A Strong Foundation
22.5K views12:35
2023-09-11 23:40:29
NaturesGold Token is a unique gold-linked digital asset tokenising grams of in-ground gold via their NGOLD token trading at a discount to the spot rate of gold.  Each token represents the preservation of 0.01 grams of quantified, in-ground gold.
They have already raised $2.3M through private and seed sales with several key partners. 

Slow raise since its vested, so DYOR before investing, more sale rounds to follow as well. This raise is on BSC chain but tokens will be exchanged to NGOLD Polygon chain tokens.
Doxxed team with audited by CERTIK as well.

Pinksale :

Telegram :

Website :

Twitter :
15.3K views20:40
2023-08-13 22:10:39
Quantic Protocol having its fairlaunch on pinksale with 30 BNB softcap. Team has been KYCed , Audit & Safu as well. Tax First hour 0/10 tax , Next 2 hours 0/5 tax & After 3 hours 0/0 tax

Quantic Protocol leverages Layer 2 solutions to enable faster and efficient transactions, increasing capacity and speed, reducing costs, and minimizing network congestion. Explore the versatility, security, and efficiency of the $QUANTIC, demonstrating its value as a powerful digital asset.

14.8K views19:10
2023-08-11 20:48:52
Volatility Token - Just Launched!

Are you ready for a 1000x??

a MEME token with a twist: Volatility Token ($VOLA) changes supply every day which will create insane price swings. Hence the name!
All other tokens look like stablecoins in comparison.

No Private Sale
86.2% of tokens in LP
LP tokens got burned
6.9% CEX/bridges
6.9% marketing
Only taxed on transactions 1+% of total supply (to prevent whale manipulation)
Volatility and price increase guaranteed!

Still a small marketcap, get in early before everyone else and strap in for the rocketship launch!


Buy Now Uniswap:
(make sure to buy max 0.99% of total supply)

16.0K views17:48
2023-08-06 00:39:59

$TOSHI Is An Entirely Community Driven Project, Find Out Where Whiskers Meet Wealth. Toshi Is Brian Armstrong, The Visionary WEB3 CEO Of Coinbase's, Favorite Feline.

$12.30M MarketCap.
Liquidity Locked
24h volume: $4.06M

LP Burnt
Buy/Sell TAX 0%
62.73M $TOSHI

5200+ Holders
Dextools Tranding #N1
No Team Tokens
Contract Renounce
Listed on BitMart & BingX

Buy Now:


13.9K views21:39
2023-07-31 23:32:04
Thrilled to announce that #Solak is live on #zealy

A pool of $25,000 reward in $SGPT tokens for grab

Top 1000 participants.

End: 18/08/23

Build your points and #Earn Let's go

Join the quests:
12.7K views20:32
2023-07-24 18:39:07
One Piece Fan Token: Unleashing the Power of the Grand Line!


Are you ready to set sail on an adventure to the MOON? Introducing the One Piece Fan Token, where success is written in the stars! Our experienced team has a proven track record of delivering massive gains, and with One Piece Fan Token, we are determined to take it to 1000x and beyond!

- DexTools Ads
- No Team Tokens
- No Transaction Limit
- 5% Buy Fee and 5% Sell Fee
- 50% of the supply has been burned.
- Billboards and Exchange listings planned
- One Piece is a reflection token, earning you BUSD rewards with every transaction.

Links :
14.3K views15:39
2023-07-16 13:09:08

Team has SAFU, KYC and Audit badges. Tax will be 3/3 at launch
The first ultimate game hub for web3 gaming on zkSync. zkGamingHub, the pioneer of Web3-native gaming connectivity on zkSync, aims to foster a cohesive ecosystem that seamlessly brings together games and gamers, uniting them under a single platform

Pinksale :

Website :

Twitter :
17.0K views10:09